Monday, 23 November 2015

Becoming the best (small) chauffeur company in the UK

This week, Chirton Grange became the best small chauffeur company in the UK as voted by our peers and an independent panel. Small is a little misleading. By comparison we’re smaller than a lot of companies, but as we put in our pitch, Chirton Grange are the biggest small company in the World.


While we won’t list our clients in a blog, they’re multi-national companies based across the World, all of whom religiously book through Chirton Grange whether they’re after a single airport transfer, day hire of an MPV or a week long coach booking.

Anyway, back to our award - currently sitting in pride of place on the shelf with last year’s second place and our chauffeur of the year award – there’s a very warm feeling in the office right now. While it’s always nice to win these awards, the fact that the panel of judges included other chauffeur companies, the editor of our trade magazine and the director of the “driver’s accountants” considered the go-to guy in the industry, made the award even better.

Recognition for a good job is fantastic, but recognition from your peers for a good job well done is the best kind of praise. Chirton Grange has come a long way from humble beginnings of one car and driver working 20 hours a day to being the UK’s best small chauffeur company.

Of course, recognition isn’t the reason we do such a good job. The repeat business of our clients and the satisfaction of doing a good job is the motivation for Chirton Grange. The awards obviously help…

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