Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Your Very Own Brexit

Brexit has certainly made a few headlines across the World and it seems to be the only thing anyone can discuss at the moment across the UK. Whatever the implications for the UK itself, the economy and foreign policy, there’s one immediate benefit to people across Europe and the World… With the pound dropping against the Euro and the Dollar, there’s never been a better time to holiday in the UK.
The 38 year low of the pound on Friday had the hidden benefit of making your Dollar and Euro go much further than it ever has! Where $500 on Thursday night would have given you £333.21, today you’ll get £379.41 for it. That’s a massive £46.21 extra which could be spent in the following ways…
·        Family tickets to the Tower of london
·        two adult tickets on the london eye
·        ten pints of lager
·        two tickets to an English Premier League match
Not only will currency be cheaper to exchange, but the relative cost for hotels, flights, food and drink will all drop against the previous cost of a UK holiday. Airfares from the US have dropped to below $500 for a round trip which should be incentive enough to visit the UK.

But it’s not just the price of flying that should entice you to the UK, connections on to Europe won’t always be as easy as they currently are. Right now, when you arrive in London and clear immigration you then don’t need to again if you decide to carry on to Europe afterwards. Although we love a queue in Britain, the rest of the World isn’t so keen so to avoid those long queues the next two years is when you need to be visiting the UK.
Luckily, if you’re connecting through the UK rather than staying, there’s a number of options if you have a few hours to spare. For a much cheaper price than ever before (cheers Brexit), you can take a Chirton Grange car and spend the day in Windsor – like the Queen would – or even head into London for a few hours. The car will, of course, have you back at Heathrow in enough time for your onwards flight.
Obviously, we’d rather you stayed and toured the City with us. The popular Chirton Grange Spy Tour which reveals the gruesome World that lurks beneath the surface in London will no doubt have some more stories added to it over the coming years and the family fun of the Football Tour will now give you a chance to see more English talent than ever before thanks to immigration laws changing.
So although there’s a lot to frown about with Brexit, maybe there’ll never be a better time to visit the UK…