Thursday, 16 February 2017

A Little Story

A gentleman of 81 years approached us recently and asked us to build a tour programme for his next visit to the UK. The problem was that while we had worked with him last year we where booked through a concierge company. Even though we now, for others reasons, there was a conflict of interest and we had to politely refuse the enquiry.

The customer said, "I've been coming to the UK, mainly London, for more than 60 years and requested, if not begged, them to show me something new, different and they booked me the Tower of London, Changing the Guard and the London bloody Eye".

We really couldn't/wouldn't be able to help this guy but can help many others.

Chauffeuring is our core business but we have developed or own unique brand of tours. Combining our knowledge with the very best Blue Badge Guides we, your clients, implore you to find Find The Gap, Go off Piste and THINK DIFFERENTLY!!!