Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Become a London Gentleman with Chirton Grange

A London Gentleman has long been held as the pinnacle of style and swagger. Ever since time began, the men in the Gentlemen's Clubs of London have been the yardstick of sophistication for men across the globe.
Now, thanks to Chirton Grange, you have the chance to step into their shoes for one day and leave the capital with everything you need to continue as a London Gentleman.
Beginning at your hotel, your chauffeur will collect and take you for a traditional wet shave at one of London's top barbershops. Whether it's a traditional shave at Trumper's, something more modern at Ruffians or a celebrity cut at Joe and Co, you'll be looking sharp as we head to our next stop.

At Floris, you'll be taken for a "scent consultation" before spending some time with an aftershave specialist to mix your own scent - unique to you and complimenting your natural musk - which you'll then take with you in your monogrammed bottle to the suit fitting.
Paul Smith is a British designer who opened his first store in Nottingham in 1970. Ever since then, he's been designing suits and clothing for the gentlemen of Britain and you'll follow in their footsteps at a personal fitting before being presented with some choices.
After ordering your suit, we'll take you on to Dukes Bar in Mayfair - home of the Martini - to enjoy James Bond's favourite drink, safe in the knowledge you're now a London Bloke.