Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Christmas Trees in London

So, as it's Christmas now in the UK (I'm sorry people who went before now, but no decorations until 1st!!!) we were going to do a blog on the best Christmas bits in London. However, in researching we found absolutely thousands of things to be done in London... So welcome to part one in our Christmas series of blogs for things to do in London. We begin, traditionally with the tree. Now, London has hundreds of tree displays, from the main Trafalgar Square tree to the individual hotel displays, some of which are spectacular.

Chirton Grange has helpfully picked out the best and our favourites for you, to make the day in London seamless.

St Pancras Station Disney Display

Not strictly speaking a tree, this one, but it is in the shape of a tree. Over 2000 Disney stuffed toys have gone into making this tree, all of which will be donated to kids charities in the new year so nobly it makes an entry this year. Also handy as if you're travelling into London from Kent or Essex or Yorkshire, you'll end up here and your Chirton Grange car will pick you up here.

Norwegian Spruce - Trafalgar Square

This one gets switched on on Thursday December 3rd so still time to get down to see it! The tree is donated by the Norwegian government every year (since 1947) as a thank you to Britain for our help and support in World War 2. Often the tree is over 20m tall and is automatically associated with Christmas in the capital.

Damien Hirst Tree at the Connaught

Now, one might not normally associate Damien Hirst with a traditionalist idea of Christmas. And you'd be right. This large tree displayed by the Connaught is decorated by Damien with surgical instruments. Sound odd? Wait until you see the snowmen made from pills! However, the meaning behind the decorations is very Christmas, the surgical instruments represent hope. Hope brought about by medicine and science. So still quite Christmassy...

Nordic Pine and the Ritz

Now the Ritz is definitely more traditionally Christmassy. This old school display of Nordic pine isn't set around one large tree but many smaller ones. As with the Ritz, this one is one for those with a more old school ideology of Christmas.

Duke of York Square

As always, Chelsea bring their A Game to Christmas (perhaps someone could tell Jose and his boys about this) with what can only be described as more of a forest of trees. Two tall 28ft trees dominate this display but a further 46 seven foot trees and 6 fourteen foot trees give you the impression of being in an Alpine forest, decorated beautifully, of course.

Dickensian Christmas - Borough Market

You can rely on Borough to bring a more traditional and Victorian vibe to the whole idea of Christmas. And of course, if there's one Victorian who encapsulates Christmas, it's Dickens. His Christmas Carol isn't necessarily referenced in the market, but you certainly feel every bit in the tale with Scrooge and Tiny Tim. A 28 foot tree is joined by 22 Victorian wreaths suspended from the iron roof to bring Christmas to the market,

Coming next, we'll be discussing Christmas Markets and Fairs in London. Yet again in this cosmopolitan and multi-cultural city, there's something for everyone to get involved in. Chirton Grange cars are available in London for day and evening hires to see the trees, markets and shops. Just get in touch or visit the website

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