Saturday, 11 October 2014

Spare Wheel Robberies....

Quick note, 

Many Viano drivers are having their spare wheel stolen from under their vans and, literally in some cases, their noses.

Having had the misfortune to have had to change a flat tyre, on the hard shoulder of the M20 at 0430am while POB, it was a relief to note that Mercs had put some thought into such a situation. I dropped the wheel and released it in under 3 minutes without having to crawl under the vehicle in my best M&S suit. All good, but this simple system also works in the favour of the thief. They, apparently, push a cushion under the spare, snip the cable and effortlessly steal your wheel.

There is speculatation that London cabbies are inadvertently supplying a market for the thieves in their new style Vito's but there is certainly no shortage of takers as there seems to be more Viano drivers who've suffered than not.

Take extra care, when out working try and park in a place that makes it difficult for them, yes, they are stealing them while you work, or get a chain fitted to cable. The cost of a chain would be around £40 while a new spare is £300

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