Thursday, 25 September 2014

Going Sober

My wife, Nicola, asked me to pen few words about how we are both looking forward to a thing called 'Go Sober for October'. Firstly, I haven't used a pen but the 'drag keyboard' on my new HTC phone and secondly, I am not looking forward to going a whole month without so much as a glass of wine. 

We run our own business primarily because I, not her, find it difficult being told what to do by anyone. Nicola says I'm pig headed but I prefer 'stubborn and holding high standards'. Ironically this means I now take instruction from anyone and everyone who is good enough to book their chauffeur car with Chirton Grange, but as all the business debt is our own, I can settle my mind to the fact that I am actually working for myself. Restaurants are another venue where my pig headed-ness appears. when I have taken a decision on what to order I can then get quite uppity when asked by anyone I'm dining with, as they hold a dripping fork out towards me striking fear into my heart, saying:
'Mmm, you must try this'
'No thanks' i'll say 'I'm having the fish'
They continue 'I know but seriously it is delicious'
'And I'm pleased for you but I don't want any'
They go on 'you'll regret it, just a little bit'
Which usually ends with me pushing their face into the pie and mash, will the mother-in-law never learn?

Admittedly I have issues, I concede that, but if I've chosen to have the fish then that is my choice! I don't want a peice of pie especially from someone else's saliva soaked cutlery……

So if I decide to not drink wine or beer for a month because I want to feel better or lose a bit of weight then fine, God knows I could do with it, but being told I can't drink because of a charitable event.....I’m going to persevere but, well, I am not happy. Yes, we are doing this for charity, great stuff, very worthy, but couldn't I just pay them the amount that I would be sponsored and continue living my life as I want to live it?......NO, not an option!

It's not that I particularly need a drink or crave a drink but every now and then i might like to have a drink and that’s what is giving me the hump. The charity have kindly offered us a 'day off' if needed, though I have to find someone to buy me that!! So, no, I am not looking forward to being dictated to for a month, as mentioned I like to think I’m independent so I have entered into it with perhaps not the same enthusiasm others are doing and certainly not in the 'spirit of things'. Spirits are banned too….

I'm not going to suggest you do the same even though you will undoubtedly feel better, lose some weight and help a great cause. No, you do what you want…..I’ll let you know how I progress!

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