Monday, 11 January 2016

Beat the January Blues with Chirton Grange

So Christmas has been and gone. New Year came and went. I guess now you're all back to the grind and but not quite with it enough to be writing 2016 when you write the date? Thought so.

It's an odd time of year this, people are all getting over Christmas and that seems like an excuse for many not to get out and do things ("Oh I would, but you know, it's January..."). Well fear not because Chirton Grange has a comprehensive list of January and February goings on around the capital that we're sure will get you out there.

London Art Fair - Business Design Centre, Islington
This one probably ticks that New Year's Resolution box to be more cultured. The event takes place at the Business Design Centre in Islington from 20th January until the 24th January. The even better news is that with Time Out London, you can get 40% off a ticket...

London International Mime Festival
The mime festival takes place from 9th January until 6th February at various venues and in various events over the time period. There is a full list available here but as mime isn't really our cup of tea, we haven't got a lot else to say about it........

Henry IV - Barbican
Again, if you're after filling your culture commitments, January in London can help you out. The RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) returns to the Barbican for parts one and two of the Henry IV between 14th January and 23rd January. We understand that Richard II will be making an appearance later in the year. Probably best to book a car for this one and enjoy with a lovely evening meal. You can contact Chirton Grange about these bookings...

Lumiere London
This is fantastic, this. 30 artists have been asked to fill London with light between the 14th and 17th January. There's anything from neon dogs to light up stick men climbing buildings going on. There's a full list of 30 attractions here, alternatively, you can book an evening tour with Chirton Grange and we'll show you them all!

Chinese New Year
So you thought New Year was over, right? Well it isn't. Relive the celebrations with the Chinese New Year parade in London on 14th February with the morning parade through Charing Cross Road and Shaftesbury Avenue. You can follow this up with an evening in Chinatown for the celebrations. Why not treat that special someone since this year Chinese New Year coincides with Valentine's Day.

Imagine Children's Festival
The Southbank Centre will once again put children in charge as it celebrates the annual children's festival. This year there's a Roald Dahl theme to proceedings and various readings by other authors, as well as Music, Film and comedy for appropriate ages. This runs from 10th Feb until the 21st so check out the website for more information

Grimaldi Service
This is a must see, it really is. You won't think so when I tell you what it is, but it's a must see... On 7th Feb, clowns will gather at the All Saint's Church in Haggerston to honour the king of clowning, Joseph Grimaldi. Obviously. Well worth a look, you can book a car for the occasion with Chirton Grange

Craft Beer Rising
Definitely book a car for this one, you won't want to be driving or negotiating public transport... The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane will be hosting 150 exhibitors of finest ale, craft beer and lager with over 380 beers to be sampled. Although there's no token system anymore, the beers are still much cheaper than you'll get them for in pubs across the country so get down to take advantage. This festival runs over the last weekend in February, 26th-28th.

So there you have it, try and get out and do just a few of them and I'm sure the January/February blues won't strike this year. It'll also get 2015, sorry I mean 2016 off to a cracking start and tick a few of those resolution boxes.

Of course, better than trying one or two is to contact Chirton Grange and incorporate them into a London tour with a dedicated car and driver for the day, meaning you can concentrate on just enjoying yourself

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