Monday, 16 February 2015

Bespoke Tours of the UK

Someone once said that ‘Time and Tide wait for no man’ Time: meaning that no one person is more powerful or can halt the onset of time, Tide: well, if you are late for your cruise ship it, and its Greek captain, will not wait for you.
We at Chirton Grange are always looking for ways to enhance our clients visit or experience and with the launch of our new website are looking to further that service.

For clients arriving into the UK to meet up with a cruise ship we invariably find that visitors like to arrive a few days early or, if on the day of sailing, very early in the morning. Now, what to do? the cruise companies do a marvellous job of herding their new arrivals around the airport terminal as they wait for ‘just a couple of more flights’ to then eventually send all packing on 50 seat coaches and to compound the matter this isn’t necessarily a cheap option.

Up steps Chirton Grange (fanfare please) who can organise a straight transfer from airport or hotel to the ships gantry or, should time allow, arrange to show you something of our historic and beautiful country on route to the ship.

For example, let us take our busiest starting point, Heathrow airport. All our guests are met in the arrivals hall by their own dedicated, suited chauffeur holding a bright and clear iPad name board. We are not waiting for anyone else as we now assist you with your luggage to the waiting vehicle, we recommend the Mercedes Viano (mini-van) as cruise clients never travel lightly, where your comfort is enhanced by the supply of complimentary mineral water, the days newspaper and WIFI connectivity. We can go directly to the ship or why not try:

A 15 minute journey into lovely Windsor and its Royal Castle, take afternoon tea in the Crooked Café, tour the Castle or simply stroll the lovely Thames riverside crossing to gawp at the sons of the rich and famous at the elite Eton College. We then have 1.5 hour trip to Southampton.

Our unique ‘Selfie’ whirlwind tour of London. Once into the countries capitol city we may not have time to go into the many museums and galleries but can certainly get you around and photographed outside all of the major landmarks London has to offer. As with all we do this can be tailored to individual needs. Some want the famous Abbey Road/ Beatles shot others want the Tower of London, we’ll make sure you get them all including the Red Telephone box- Top Tip; This is great for teenagers who get bored easily. You shop and we’ll shoot them (with a camera)

The mystery of Stonehenge is only around 1.5 hours travel time with around another hour then needed from the site to the port. A great way to fill in your time and tick a box, boxes can be made available to tick if needed. With the recently opened, multi million pound, Stonehenge exhibit on offer before you are shuttled down to the real thing this is an opportunity not to be missed.

On we don’t really do ready-made tours but would rather you give us the remit of your likes and interests then let us build your own personal experience. Be it Winston Churchill, Downton Abbey or Harry Potter to the Battle of Britain or The Beatles we can build it. Steam trains to afternoon tea, English wines to warm beer, history….oh you get the idea.

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