Monday, 10 June 2013

Film Crew Work

Over the last few years Chirton Grange Ltd have been asked more and more to supply vehicles and drivers for television crews.

This work is varied and a departure from our usual daily duties. For instance TV crews do not require the guys to wear a suit, shirt and tie during the course of the job, it is the last thing we'd want as we help carry gear across a muddy field or scale a castle wall all in the pursuit of 'getting the shot'.

As with our executive chauffeur work Chirton Grange Ltd always go beyond the call of duty when assisting crew and experience has taught us to:

* assist where possible without getting in the way
* have comfortable WIFI enabled vehicles
* carry a supply of AA batteries
* work as part of the team and know there will always be 'one more shot'

Chirton Grange Ltd can also;
* scout potential locations prior to shoot including still photography
* route plan
* collect any hire equipment prior to crew landing
* supply talent cars

At Chirton Grange we understand the need to be flexible, an itinerary is only a guide. We understand the need for diplomacy, as the cameraman will at some point have an argument with producer/sound/grip or all three.
We can offer countless recommendations from a host of TV companies from around the world and would be happy to offer a quote for your next UK or European visit.

Chirton Grange Ltd

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